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Arel University is a private university located in Istanbul, Turkey. This university was established in 2007 and provides educational services to domestic and international students by offering various study programs at bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. Arel Istanbul University works by emphasizing the quality of education and scientific research, in order to cultivate students who will contribute to the progress and development of the society and economy of their country and international communities with scientific capabilities, excellent performance and entrepreneurial spirit. There are several different faculties and academic units at Arel Istanbul University, including Engineering, Basic Sciences, Agriculture, Economics and Management, Humanities, Art and Design, Nursing, and Dentistry. Also, this university offers various educational and research programs in various scientific and practical fields. Arel Istanbul University also emphasizes to help local and international communities and cooperate with industries and organizations to create job opportunities for its students and graduates. Also, Arel Istanbul University helps to promote cultural and social activities in the university environment and the local and international community.


The mission of Arel Istanbul University is to provide quality educational programs and nurture students with academic abilities, excellent performance and entrepreneurial spirit.
Arel Istanbul University, by focusing on scientific research, providing education and advanced research in various scientific and practical fields, helps the society and economy of the country and international communities.
The main mission of Arel Istanbul University is to promote cooperation with industries and organizations, create job opportunities for students and graduates, and promote cultural and social activities in the local and international community.


Arel Istanbul University, as one of the top universities in Turkey and the world, has a vision that includes the following:

Promotion of international status: By providing quality educational and research programs and complying with international standards, Arles Istanbul University will gain a leading position at the global level and will be ranked as one of the top universities in the world in recognized scientific rankings.

Development of research activities: Focusing on scientific and technological research, Istanbul Arel University will be recognized as a superior and well-known research center and will provide innovative solutions in various scientific and practical fields.

Making connections with industry and society: By establishing active collaborations with local and international industries, organizations and communities, Arel Istanbul University will create trained professionals and entrepreneurs, companies and job opportunities and will be recognized as an entrepreneurial and creative university.

Promoting the culture of higher education: Arles Istanbul University will be recognized as a superior and excellent higher education center by emphasizing the quality of education and training of students with scientific, moral, social and cultural abilities.

Important points

At Arel Istanbul University, every student must attend at least 70% of lectures. The official languages in Arles Istanbul University are English and Turkish. Students who intend to enroll in courses taught in English and do not have proof of English proficiency, such as IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5 and TOEFL with a minimum score of 8, must complete a one-year introductory English course.

Some departments of Istanbul Arel University require students to take an aptitude test, such as graphic and textile and fashion design programs. Arel Istanbul University has a number of technical-vocational conservatories that offer two-year programs for students seeking practical experience.

Why Arel Istanbul University?

Earl Istanbul University, with modern classrooms and complete facilities, provides students in various fields with the possibility of education and research with well-equipped laboratories and materials.
Earl Istanbul University offers distance education to students through the online education system to facilitate learning by viewing the curriculum and accessing the contents of the courses. Istanbul Earle University, by encouraging research in various fields, helps students to achieve progress in scientific and industrial development and take advantage of internship opportunities in prestigious international companies. Earl Istanbul University, in cooperation with leading universities in other countries, provides facilities such as the Erasmus program and payment of tuition fees for international students. Istanbul Erl University also provides students with the necessary facilities for better education and life by providing sports facilities such as gymnasiums, indoor sports halls, and access to libraries and the Internet. It also assists students in their professional development after graduation by planning to support students in finding the right job and building a resume.


Arel Istanbul University is one of the leading and prestigious universities in Turkey and offers various facilities for its students. Some of the main facilities of this university are:

Educational infrastructure: Arel Istanbul University has an advanced educational infrastructure that includes modern libraries, specialized laboratories, classrooms and workshops.
Dormitories: Arel Istanbul University has separate and well-equipped dormitories for male and female students, which provide comfortable facilities such as clean and modern rooms, internet connection, air conditioning and security services.
Sports and health: Arel Istanbul University offers complete sports facilities that include gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts and green spaces. Also, health services such as health centers are available to students.
Restaurants and cafes: Arel Istanbul University offers various restaurants, food courts and cafes in and around the campus, giving students a wide choice of food options.

Accommodation and transportation

There are very suitable and modern facilities for students and it provides them with the necessary facilities for staying in the university. Having a washing machine, air conditioner, kitchen and first aid equipment in the rooms helps students to enjoy their stay comfortably and confidently. Also, having restaurants, food courts and cafeterias in the university gives students a wide choice of food options.

In addition, providing free transportation services from the dormitories to the university and vice versa during the week is also one of the important advantages of this university. This possibility helps students to easily go to the university and take advantage of its services.

Also, having separate dormitories for boys and girls shows attention to the safety and comfort of students in the university and allows them to live independently with more comfort.

In general, Arel Istanbul University facilitates students’ living, transportation and living by providing suitable facilities and services and allows them to progress in their studies.

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