About Us

Who are we?

CIP APPLY academic consulting service company is a member of the CIP holding family with the support of 25 years of experience in academic and research affairs.

What do we do?

Our goal is to provide information and services to talented students. Click to start the admission process Booking an Appointment

Why us?

Guaranteed admission

cipapply company secures the admission of respected students on the basis of strong contracts with the prestigious universities of Turkey.

Cheaper than announced price

Due to the contracts that cipapply has with the prestigious universities of Turkey, the admission fee will be lower than the announced fee of the university.

Multi-step payment

We offer the process of getting admission in Turkish universities in different packages, in which multi-step payment is possible in pro, promax and cipmax packages. Click on This Link to know the cost, payment procedures and features of each package.

Your companionship from 0 to 100

Dear students, by preparing the cipmax package, they can benefit from the accompaniment of an Iranian and Turkish expert in all the stages of face-to-face registration in the desired university, so that they can go through these stages with peace of mind in a strange country. Click on This Link to know the features of this package.

Academic Admission Services

Getting admission in the best universities in Turkey at a lower cost than the university’s announced cost, counseling in choosing the right field and university, taking into account the educational history of each person and her future work in Turkey.

Administrative Services

Providing a variety of supplementary services for academic admission, such as counseling in choosing a field and university, equating documents with the approval of the Turkish Ministry of Science, official translation of academic documents and coordination of language tests.

VIP Services

Acquiring academic residence and Kimlik, accompanying a Fars and Turkish expert in all stages of face-to-face registration at the university after receiving admission, opening a credit and debit account, discounts on the student unit rental commission

Study in Türkiye

Do you want to study in Turkish universities? Are you looking for a suitable university to start your education along with suitable financial facilities?

We have provided the highest level of services for students who intend to study in European countries and Turkey due to our experienced and powerful team and having the most valid certificates in the fields of counseling and academic admission.

Popular Universities

Associate of Culinary

Acibadem University

Associate of Medical Imaging Techniques

Uskudar University

Important Academic Content

Frequently Asked Questions

There are countless advantages to studying in Türkiye. Among them are the proximity of this country to Iran, the cultural similarity, the abundance of Iranians in this country, the possibility of suitable employment, the possibility of obtaining citizenship, the much higher ranking of the universities of this country compared to the universities of Iran, and obtaining admission and low-cost study visas. Cited.

Turkey has become one of the educational immigration destinations of Iranians by improving its educational system at higher levels in the past few years. The variety of study programs designed in the universities of Turkey has made it possible to continue studying in this neighboring country for all fields of study and all levels.

The amount of tuition varies depending on the university, field and level of study. For detailed information, you can refer to the “University Tuition” link or contact us for advice. Of course, keep in mind that cipapply provides you with the possibility to get admission in the university of your choice with a lower cost than the announced cost of the university according to specific contracts with Turkish universities.

After choosing the desired field and university, you can receive your desired service package that includes all kinds of services from us. Also keep in mind that cipapply will even guide you in choosing the right field and university. Click to view tariffs.

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (translated into English or Turkish) Letter of motivation (letter of motivation including completed projects and the student’s motivation to study at the desired university) An updated CV Letter of introduction from professors and employers