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Ostim Technical University is a prestigious and leading university in Turkey, located in the city of Ankara. This university was established in 2006 and is known as a specialized university in the field of industry and technology. Ostim Ankara University strives to promote industry and technology in Turkey and the Middle East and North Africa region and has active connections with industry and public organizations.


This university generally focuses on improving the quality of education and research in various fields of science and technology. The main mission of this university is:

Improving the quality of education: Ostim Ankara University focuses on providing quality and practical academic programs in the fields of science and technology. This university allows its students to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities to enter the labor market.

Development of research and innovation: Ostim Ankara University focuses on the development of research activities and innovation in various fields of science and technology. By forming research groups and research centers, this university provides the necessary facilities to carry out research projects, scientific publications and communication with industry and the government.

Creating a dynamic and multicultural university environment: Ostim Ankara University cares about creating a dynamic and multicultural academic environment. This university allows international students to have a better experience in a diverse academic environment.

Communication and cooperation with industry and local communities: Ostim Ankara University pays special attention to building close relationships and collaborations with industry and local communities. The university facilitates employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for its students and graduates by communicating and collaborating with companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and local communities. Also, by carrying out joint projects and technology transfer, Ostim Ankara University serves the economic and social development of the region and the country.

Promotion of international cooperation: Ostim Ankara University attaches importance to establishing international relations and collaborations with universities, research centers, and international organizations. This university provides extensive opportunities for international experience and knowledge expansion by offering international study programs, faculty and student exchanges, and cooperation in research projects.
In summary, Ostim Ankara University’s mission focuses on improving the quality of education, developing research and innovation, creating a dynamic and multicultural academic environment, connecting and collaborating with industry and local communities, and promoting international cooperation.


The vision of Ostim Ankara University for the future is as follows:

Educational excellence: Ostim Ankara University, as one of the top universities in Turkey and the world, will progress in improving the quality of education and improving its rank and ranking. By using modern educational approaches, flexibility in study programs, use of advanced technologies, and development of students’ practical and professional skills, the university provides excellent education.
Research growth and innovation: As a research and innovation center, Ostim Ankara University will strive to advance in various scientific and technological fields and develop comprehensive and international research programs. Establishing close relationships with industry, government, and related organizations, encouraging entrepreneurship and exchanging ideas and knowledge with the scientific communities of the world, will be among the main goals in the field of research and innovation of the university.
Creating a dynamic and multicultural university environment: Ustim Ankara University is committed to providing a dynamic, liberal and multicultural academic environment for its students, faculty, and staff. Encouraging cultural diversity, providing learning opportunities and international experiences, and creating a space for exchange of ideas, dialogue and cooperation among university members will be the main goals in creating a dynamic and multicultural academic environment at Ostim Ankara University.

Development of resources and infrastructure: Ostim Ankara University will pay attention to improving its physical infrastructure and information technology, using advanced equipment, developing modern laboratories and organizing its human and financial resources to improve the quality of education and research, and to create suitable conditions for learning and efficiency of students and professors. did
Development of international communication: Ostim Ankara University will try to create an international community in the university by developing international cooperation, increasing the exchange of students, professors and researchers with leading universities and research centers of the world, and providing international study and research opportunities.
Promotion of the local community and services to the community: Ostim Ankara University, as an active member in the local and national community, will develop effective relations with the local community, provide services and participate in solving the social and economic problems of the community, and develop social entrepreneurship and joint services with the community as its main mission. had
In general, the vision of Ostim Ankara University includes efforts to improve the quality of education, research and service to society, development of resources and infrastructure, development of international communication, and promotion of the local community. This university is recognized as a top higher education center in the region and the world, to promote its educational and research culture, create a dynamic and multicultural environment for the growth and development of students and faculty members, and cooperate with other educational and research institutions at the national level. and international, will focus.

Why Ostim Ankara University?

One of the prominent features of Ostim Ankara University is its close relationship with industry and business organizations. This university has active collaborations with various industries for the development of applied research and training. Also, Ostim Ankara University provides facilities for its students to gain practical experience and improve practical skills in various fields.

Ostim University facilities

The facilities of Ostim Ankara University include specialized training, workshops, advanced research centers and modern technical facilities. Ostim Ankara University offers more than 50 courses at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels in various fields, including engineering, computer science, architecture, industrial design, management, science and technology. Due to its applied educational programs and advanced research centers, Ostim Ankara University is recognized as one of the leading academic centers in Turkey. The university offers its students facilities for a full student life, including student residences, libraries, gymnasiums and cultural activities.

Outstanding features of Ostim Ankara University

Among the prominent features of Ostim Ankara University, the following can be mentioned:

Specialized programs: Ostim Ankara University offers specialized and practical programs with a focus on industry and technology that help students succeed in today’s competitive job market.
Cooperation with industry and business organizations: Ostim Ankara University has active connections with industry and business organizations and conducts numerous research and application development collaborations, which provide students with the opportunity to implement projects and practical work in a real environment.

Advanced research centers: Ostim Ankara University has advanced research centers for the advancement of technology and engineering sciences, which provide the students of this university with suitable facilities for research in various fields.

Student life environment: Ostim Ankara University provides full facilities for student life, including student residences, restaurants, cafes, gymnasiums, study rooms, cultural centers as well as sports and art activities for students. These facilities help students to experience a friendly, active and diverse student life.

Internationality: Ostim Ankara University is one of the international universities in Turkey and has students from different countries. This gives students the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with international classmates, a wider cultural experience and increase the international level of education and research.
Research focus: Ostim Ankara University is recognized as a research university and has a strong focus on research and technology development. This allows the students of this university to carry out research projects and obtain research opportunities in various fields.

Appropriate tuition fees: Tuition fees at Ostim Ankara University are typically lower than some other universities in Europe and America. This allows students to study affordably and with quality in an outstanding university.

In general, Ostim Ankara University is an outstanding and quality university in Turkey that offers complete facilities for study, research and student life. With a focus on teaching, research, internationality, student facilities, and reasonable tuition fees, Ostim Ankara University enables students to have an outstanding academic experience in a dynamic and multicultural academic environment. This university is one of the attractive options for students who are interested in studying in Turkey and are looking for a quality educational experience full of international opportunities.

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