Cost of living for a student in Türkiye

For the cost of living in Türkiye, students must pay monthly; Allow 250 to 300 dollars for food and 200 to 250 dollars for accommodation in student dormitories. But if the applicant intends to rent an apartment outside the dormitory, she must spend between 500 and 1300 liras per month, including the facilities and the desired location. Also, by presenting a student card, students can benefit from a discount in using public transportation. Due to the existence of student insurance, students’ medical expenses are free and can be used in designated centers.

The cost of buying daily necessities in Türkiye

There are some necessities of life that people are required to buy daily to make a living. Therefore, obtaining information about the price of these goods can be of great importance for a person who intends to immigrate and live in Turkey.

In the table below, the purchase price of some daily necessities Türkiye in 2023 view.



A kilo of rice

22.80 lira

A kilo of chicken meat

69.55 lira

A kilo of beef

152.79 lira

One liter of milk

14.60 lira

12 eggs

25.72 lira

A kilo of cheese

92.18 lira

A kilo of tomatoes

16.65 lira

A kilo of potatoes

9.28 lira

A kilo of onion

7.22 lira

The cost of buying clothes and shoes in Türkiye

One of the main necessities of life is providing clothes. The cost needed to provide clothing in Turkey is lower than other costs needed to live in this country.

In the table below, the prices of clothes and shoes for the year 2023 View in Türkiye.

Clothes or shoes



641.34 lira

A summer dress

493.06 lira

Nike sports shoes

1,172.59 liras

Men’s leather shoes

863.56 lira

The cost of buying basic household goods in Türkiye

To start a life in Turkey, in addition to having enough money to buy necessities, you need to buy some basic household goods. Therefore, having enough information about the price of these goods can be useful.

In the table below, you can see the purchase price of some basic household goods in Turkey.

household goods

Cost in Lira


4,000 to 20,000 liras

Refrigerator freezer

9,000 to 20,000 liras


2,000 to 23,000 liras


500 to 25,000 liras


8,000 to 28,000 liras

The cost of healthcare in Türkiye

Healthcare is one of the most important concerns of people when they migrate abroad. Fortunately, Turkey provides first-class medical and treatment services to applicants. While the cost of treatment in this country is much lower compared to other European countries such as England. For this reason, Turkey has become one of the health tourism destinations for most people in the world.

In the table below, you can see the cost of some medical services in a comparative way in Turkey and England.

Type of medical service

Cost in Türkiye

Cost in UK


1500 dollars

2500 dollars

Cataract removal

2000 dollars


face lift

4000 dollars


nose surgery

4000 dollars


Hip replacement



Dental implants

1500 dollars

4000 dollars

The cost of recreation and tourism in Türkiye

If you intend to obtain one of the Turkish visas and want to live in this country or you intend to travel to Turkey. Before staying in Turkey, it is better to know the amount of money required for the use of recreational and tourist facilities. Before staying in Turkey, it is better to know the amount of money required for the use of recreational and tourist facilities.

In the table below, see the cost of enjoying Turkey’s entertainment and tourism facilities.

entertainment facilities


One month gym tuition

343.35 lira

Rent a tennis court for one hour

218.34 lira

Cinema ticket

50 lira

The cost of food for 2 people in a mid-range restaurant

300 lira

Balloon ride in Cappadocia with breakfast for one person

2885 to 3500 lira

Visiting Gourme Open Air Museum for one person

100 lira

The cost of using transportation facilities in Türkiye

Maybe you prefer to buy a car in Turkey or use public transportation. Anyway, in the table below, we have collected the cost of using most of the transportation facilities in Turkey.

Type of transportation facilities


One liter of gasoline

23.41 lira

One-way local transport ticket

7 lira

Monthly public transport card

430 lira

Taxi for 1 km

7.75 lira

Hyundai i30

329,000 liras

Buy Mercedes Benz model E 180

1600000 liras

Buy Renault Megane

46,000 lira

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