The best private universities in Türkiye

Studying in private universities in Turkey is a good opportunity for people who are looking to apply and get admission in one of the best universities in the world. Since passing the entrance exam in Iran to study in some fields such as medicine or paramedicine has very strict conditions, choosing private universities in Turkey can be a very good option because of the easy entry requirements. Because not only the documents awarded by these universities are valid, but also there are conditions for studying in English in Turkey in these universities and there is no need to learn Turkish and master this language. Also, the cost of studying in Turkey is lower compared to other countries. Therefore, getting admission in private universities in Turkey can be a suitable option for people who intend to study abroad and get admission in top universities in Turkey.

Introducing Koch University

Koch University was established in 1993. The number of undergraduate students of this university is 8,345 and the number of graduate students is 18,398. This university has 22 bachelor’s programs, 43 master’s programs and 30 doctoral programs in Turkey.

Introduction of Sabanji University

Sabanji University was established in 1998. Sabanci University is the first university in Turkey to be a member of EFQM European Foundation for Quality Management. Sabanji now offers 11 undergraduate programs, 50 master’s programs, and 17 doctoral programs.

Introduction of Bilkent University

Bilkent University was founded by Professor İhsan Doğramacı in 1948. This university currently hosts 13,000 students and is considered the first basic science university in Turkey. This excellent educational institution is one of the leading universities in Turkey due to its high level of education, many scientific researches, cultural and artistic activities of numerous students. Bilkent University has 29 undergraduate courses and 59 graduate courses.

Introducing Istanbul Aydin University

Istanbul Aydin University was established on May 18, 2007 in Istanbul, Turkey. The motto of Istanbul Aydin University is “Moving forward to a bright future”. For this reason, this university attaches great importance to preparing its students for a suitable future career and work in Turkey or abroad. Aydin Istanbul includes ten faculties, 63 undergraduate programs, 74 master’s programs and 17 doctoral programs.

Introduction of Istanbul Bilgi University

Istanbul Bilgi University was founded on June 7, 1996 with the motto “Learn for life, not for degrees”. This university has 3 main campuses in Istanbul and has become a well-known university in the world due to innovation in teaching methods. This university has more than 20,000 students, 150 undergraduate, graduate and associate programs and has 7 faculties, 3 institutes, 4 colleges and 3 professional schools.

Introduction of Istine Istanbul University

Istineh University was established in 2015 by the Anatolian Foundation. This university includes three different hospital centers and VM Medical Park. İstanbul Istanbul University seeks fundamental education and research to bring about fundamental change. İstanbul Istanbul University consists of several faculties, a technical and professional conservatory and a professional conservatory.

Introducing Bahce Shahir University

Bahce Shahir University is located in the center of Istanbul. Bahce Shahir has a college, conservatory, language school and vocational technical school. This university offers 12 postgraduate programs. It has 18,448 undergraduate students and 5,649 graduate students, of which more than 5,000 are international students.

Introduction of Atlim University

Atilim University was established on July 15, 1997. This university ranks 62nd among 300 universities evaluated based on the ranking of BRICS countries and emerging economies and ranks 4th among basic science universities in Turkey. This university has 14 different faculties, conservatory and graduate school.

Introduction of Bashkent University

Bashkent University is located in Ankara. It is possible to study in both Turkish and English languages for applicants in this university. Bashkent currently includes 12 faculties, 8 institutes, a foreign language faculty and 7 vocational technical institutes.

Introduction of Yedi Tepe University

Yadi Tepe University was established in 1996. This university has 13 different faculties and has 71 bachelor’s degrees, 4 associate’s degrees, 87 master’s degrees and 43 doctoral degrees.

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